Fresh Collagen Mask

**must be mailed overnight in a thermal cooled bag with dry ice**

Ingredients: Albumen , Lemon, Vitamin A, C, B6, B12, D. E, K , Zinc, Proprietary blend of essential oils

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Benefits: This mask has many nutrients and contains two vital skincare ingredients: collagen and protein, it’s an all-natural solution that will yield positive results for those who are fighting any type of skin inflammation including acne. The proteins will help the skin improve and maintain its elasticity, which is vital when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The collagen will improve hyperpigmentation and scarring caused by acne.


**must be mailed overnight in a thermal cooled bag with dry ice**

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Weight 2 oz

3 reviews for Fresh Collagen Mask

  1. Amy Torrijos

    Awesome product! I use it at night, especially after one of the wonderful dermaplanes from Jaqueline or even under makeup up- smoothed out my skin and minimizes fine lines.

    • Jackie Dalessandro

      Wonderful feedback. It’s magic in a bottle. Packed with vitamin A,C,B6,B12,D,E,K, Zinc, fresh Collagen and protein.

  2. Shawna Yates

    This product is liquid gold! It makes my skin look radiant. After I put in on, my skin is smoother, less lined and even toned. Love, love, love it!!!!

    • Jackie Dalessandro

      So happy you love the fresh collagen. It’s amazing at improving wrinkles and marks.

  3. Christine

    Omg! Amazing product! I’m 41 so the elasticity in my skin isn’t what it use to be. This product makes my skin so tight and youthful! I love it!

    • Jackie Dalessandro

      Yes, our little magic in a bottle. You can use it several ways and all will make the skin firmer, lifted and improve it’s tone. When using it on the face over makeup or moisturizer it’ll tighten and lift the skin as it dries. Leaving you with a refreshed youthful look.

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