• Mild Acne: 35-45 min
  • Moderate: 45-60 min
  • Extensive: 60+ min

All Acne facials include: Stream, a cleanse, exfoliation, encrustation, extractions, specialty mask, high frequency or LED therapy. Finished with Beautiful Skin by HB Signature Organic Products.

Benefits of an acne facial:

Sebum is oil produced by small glands under the skin, which prevents bacteria and other harmful agents from penetrating the skin.  If the skin isn’t clean, the hair follicles can be blocked. This leads to the trapping of sebum below the skin’s surface, which often leads to acne. Effective deep pore cleansing facials remove all impurities from the skin and allow the pores to breathe and function normally. 

If the pores are blocked, the skin looks dull, damaged, and will cause scarring. Leaving pores congested will also make the pores expand and remain larger after the pore is cleaned. Also, congested pores cannot absorb the active skin rejuvenation ingredients found in moisturizers, leading to premature aging.